EREF - Canada
Advancing Education and Funding Research in All Aspects of the Canadian Solid Waste Industry

Welcome to the Environmental Research and Education Foundation of Canada (EREF-Canada).

Who are we?

EREF-Canada is a non-profit, public charity that supports research and educational initiatives related to sustainable solid waste management practices in Canada.

Whether it’s investigating the effects of leachate at landfills or developing best practices associated with waste removal and energy conversion, EREF-CA serves as a scientific resource to achieve greater sustainability, higher process efficiency and increased knowledge.

We exist to serve not only members of the solid waste industry, but the citizens of Canada as well, making the results of our research and activities publicly available.

Learn about our projects:

Organics Waste Collection
Manitoba Greenhouse Gas Planning Tool

EREF - Canada is dedicated to the sustainable improvement of Canada.
EREF - Canada is working towards sustainable future.